A fair lottery using Chainlink VRF.

The JetswapLottery game works as you'd expect a lottery to work. Users can purchase a ticket with their WINGS or pWINGS between draws. The ticket will give them one entry into the lottery. After the winning numbers are drawn, if your ticket's numbers match the drawn numbers, you'll win stacks of WINGS or pWINGS!

The Lottery Games can be played using WINGS at and pWINGS at


  • Lottery Ticket Fee for 1 ticket: 10 WINGS or pWINGS

  • Single User Lottery Entry Limit: No overall limit, but only 50 can be bought at one time through the UI

  • Paying for one ticket will give users a random 4 digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. “1-9-3-2”

How to win:

To win the lottery jackpot (50% of the entire lottery pool), users need to match all 4 numbers on their ticket in the exact same order as the 4 winning numbers.

If you don’t match all 4, no need to worry. As long as you match 2 or more numbers in the correct order, you are guaranteed to win a prize.

Winning ratio:

  • Match all 4 numbers in the exact order = win 50% of the pot (or split the pot if more than 1 winner).

  • Match 3 numbers in the exact order = win or split 20% of the pot.

  • Match 2 numbers in the exact order = win or split 10% of the pot.

  • Burn the remaining 20% of the pot.

Please note - in the event that no participants were able to match 3 numbers on any draw, the 20% allocated to winners will then be burned accordingly.

For example, if the final 4 winning numbers are “1-9-3-2”:

  • “2-3-9-1” = match 0

  • “1-9-3-2” = match all 4

  • “1-9-2-2” = match 3

  • “2-3-3-2” = match 2

  • “1-2-1-2” = match 2

Lottery phases:

Each full lottery session is completed every 24 hours with the timings for each as below:

An example of a lottery session starting at 5 PM GMT is as below:

Phase 1 - Buy tickets (6 PM to 5 PM)

  • You have 23 hours to buy tickets.

  • The lottery jackpot will accumulate at the top of the page with each ticket bought.

  • Users will receive a ticket (comprised of 4 digits) for each 10 WINGS/pWINGS paid.

Phase 2 - Lottery draw! (5 PM)

  • The 4 winning lottery numbers are drawn using Chainlink's VRF Technology and will appear on the page.

  • Each participant’s winnings will be automatically calculated based on their ticket numbers and shown on the page.

  • Users can claim winnings if they have any.

  • Users will also be able to see the lottery results: How many users matched all 4 numbers, 3 numbers and 2 numbers.

Phase 3 - Celebration and sharing (5 PM - 6 PM)

If you won, congrats! Share with your friends or in our community groups.

How are ticket numbers drawn?

The lottery aims to be completely random by utilizing Chainlink's VRF (Verifiable Random Function).

More information about VRF can be found here:

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