Poly Force is an innovative token in the Jetfuel Finance Ecosystem that is revolutionizing the passive yield and staking token landscape on Polygon. Using the massive Jetfuel liquidity opportunities, PFORCE will provide holders automatic liquidity generation with frictionless passive yield.

The Polygon Network is used for Jetfuel’s ecosystem due to the incredibly fast and cheap transaction times. As one of the fastest-growing chains ever created, Polygon Network is perfectly suited for the Poly Force expansion.

PFORCE Contract Address: 0x0de624ed2882e7480d97b2bbee57675c4fa26e33

Use 6-10% slippage while trading PFORCE due to the 6% tax on transaction.

PFORCE is built with five primary features.

  1. Frictionless Passive Yield with dynamic and adjustable reward rates

  2. Automatic Liquidity Generation

  3. Deflationary Lottery with POLY FORCE burns

  4. Double Yield Opportunities in LP Pairs with Liquidity Staking Rewards

  5. Double Whitelisting for CEX

Frictionless Passive Yield

PFORCE is a frictionless passive yield token with adjustable rewards rates that splits the transaction to multiple endpoints using dual balance tables to ensure holders of PFORCE get rewarded automatically. The frictionless passive yield is a secure gas-free yield generator.

The passive yield is achieved with a 3% transactional tax and automatically distributes the fee to PFORCE holders.

These measures ensure that every holder of PFORCE will passively earn PFORCE as long as there is transactional volume on-chain. Standard passive fees are rewarded automatically and do not require harvesting or contract transactions by users to gain more Poly Force. Poly Force fees are even earned while in a liquidity pool with another token in an AMM (Automated Market Maker). This allows for multiple avenues to earn additional yield from Poly Force.

The smart contract allows the passive yield to be adjusted between a minimum value of 0.0% and a maximum value of 5%.

Automatic Liquidity Generation

Poly Force taxes 3% of each transaction for automatic liquidity generation and the PFORCE is sent to the swap contract. The swap contract will be executed when more than 100 PFORCE is in the swap contract. The transaction sent to fill the swap contract with more than PFORCE is the payer for the gas to swap the Poly Force and add it to liquidity.

Every time the reserve contract collects 100 Poly Force, the contract automatically sells half of the Poly Force for MATIC, combines the MATIC and PFORCE into an LP, and the LP is sent to a holding wallet to be injected into the deflationary lottery and to maintain liquidity.

The automatic liquidity will be pointed at the Polygon Jetswap PFORCE-MATIC liquidity pair.

The LP will be reserved for the following items:

50% of the Created LP is used for the deflationary lottery

40% remains to ensure liquidity continues to grow for PFORCE-MATIC

10% will be used for the ecosystem development fund. This ensures funds for marketing, operational, and staking expenses to continue development for PFORCE.

Deflationary Lottery with Poly Force BURNS

50% of the collected automatic liquidity will be injected into the Poly Force LP lottery weekly. Users can buy tickets using PFORCE-MATIC LP tokens for a chance to win massive jackpots. 20% of the LPs in the Lottery Pot will be broken and the PFORCE will be burned, decreasing the available supply after every jackpot.

Double Earnings when providing liquidity

Providing PFORCE to an LP pair earns the user double rewards. AMMs charge swap fees typically between 0.1% to 0.3% to buy or sell tokens on their exchange. LP holders receive a portion of the swap fee as an incentive to add liquidity to the pool. PFORCE holders also receive additional PFORCE from the frictionless passive yield feature built into the contract.

Whitelisted Feature

A common problem facing transactional tax tokens like Poly Force is the difficulty of listing on a CEX or centralized exchange. Many exchanges will move tokens between their hot, cold, and users wallets during their daily operations. The tax on these tokens reduces the amount the exchanges hold, thus, creating accounting issues for the exchange and the users.

PFORCE includes the ability to remove the transactional fee on both the sending from the whitelisted address and removes the fees when PFORCE is sent to the whitelisted address. This opens up a number of opportunities for PFORCE that were unavailable for other transactional tax tokens.


IJO Sale Allocation: 500,000 PFORCE

Ecosystem Fund: 200,000 PFORCE

Starting Liquidity: 100,000 PFORCE

Team Treasury: 200,000 PFORCE

The token sale will take place directly on Polygon.Jetswap.Finance using the Jetswap Launchpad. A quick tutorial on how to buy the PFORCE is here: https://docs.jetswap.finance/exchange-information/initial-jetfuel-offerings-ijos

Token Sale Date: July 15th at ~3 pm UTC starting at block 16889000 and ending ~1 hour later on block 16890600

  • Sale Price: $1.00

  • Raised in USDC

  • Per Wallet Cap: $5,000

  • Hard Cap: $500,000

  • Capped Overflow Method

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